How to care for your wicker furniture


Wicker furniture is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas as it’s low maintenance, strong and weather resistant. If you purchased your wicker furniture from Ambiance, your furniture is hand-made from high-quality resin fibres, so it will be highly resistant from mildew, fading, sagging, staining and tearing. To keep your wicker furniture in good condition and looking new for longer, here’s what you need to do.

Keep Wicker Furniture Dust Free

Every week use a dry, clean cloth to dust your wicker furniture.

Keep Wicker Furniture Clean

To spot clean, use a hose and soft-bristle brush (e.g. a dry paint brush) to remove any debris and dirt. Use a soft cloth to dry the furniture.

For a more thorough clean, use an outdoor furniture cleaner that’s recommended for wicker, with a soft-bristle brush.

Keep furniture protected

If you use your outdoor furniture regularly, protect your furniture with a wicker spray protector which will maintain the flexibility of the wicker and will extend the wickers lifetime.

When you don’t plan on using your furniture for a long period, cover or store your furniture for maximum protection. Ensure you thoroughly clean and dry the furniture before covering or storing.

Keep cushions protected

If your wicker furniture has cushions, use fabric protector on the cushions to maintain the new look for longer. This will also make the cushions resistant to dirt, water and moisture.

For storing cushions, be sure they are in a dry area.


Even though wicker furniture is made to withstand weather, caring for your wicker furniture allows it to look new and last even longer.

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