How to care for your timber outdoor furniture

You’ve just purchased new timber outdoor furniture, and no doubt you’ll want to enjoy it for years to come. If you’ve bought your timber outdoor furniture from Ambiance, the timber used to construct the furniture is high quality and durable. Maintaining and caring for outdoor timber furniture is key in keeping it in good condition for longer. Here’s how you can care for timber outdoor furniture.  

Keep furniture Dust free

Every week we suggest using a dry, clean cloth to dust furniture.  

Spot cleaning to avoid mould and mildew

Use a hose or soft brush to remove any dirt or debris. Spores that create mould and mildew thrive in environments with dirt and moisture. Remember to dry with a soft cloth.  

Keeping Timber Outdoor Furniture protected 

When your timber furniture is not going to be used for an extended period, we suggest covering or storing the furniture for protection. Outdoor furniture covers are available at your local Ambiance store. Before covering, the timber furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.  

Also avoid leaving water on the surface of your outdoor cushions and furniture as this can mark the timber. 

Protecting Cushions

To keep your cushions looking new for longer, we suggest using a fabric protector. If you’re not planning to use your outdoor furniture for an extended period, cushions should be removed and stored in a dry place.  


There are different types of timber outdoor furniture which require different care requirements.  

New and Recycled Teak

With exposure to the sun, teak furniture will form a silver pantina (silver-grey colour) on the surface. This is perfectly normal and one of the distinct factors of teak.  

For a thorough clean and before storing, use a hardwood and a teak cleaner. To help maintain the timber colour and to protect against mould and mildew, we suggest using a teak shield and a teak protector.  

New Teak

You may notice what looks like a watermark on your new teak furniture, this is oil surfacing. It can be removed by gentle washing.  


When Kwila timber is exposed to the sun and rain, the colour of the timber will soften to a silver-grey patina. To be able to maintain the red-brown colour, we recommend using a hardwood furniture protector and to rejuvenate untreated furniture we recommend using a hardwood cleaner.  

Kwila timber will leach natural tannins when exposed to rain or heavy dew. This will reduce over time; however, the tannins may stain unsealed or porous surfaces. Strong bleach can remove these stains. 

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