4 Tips When Shopping for Versatile Outdoor Furniture


Are you low on space and looking for multipurpose outdoor furniture which can be used both indoors and out? Here are our 4 top tips for picking pieces which are space effective and will help make your outdoor space as stylish and comfortable as inside your home.

1. Select a Modular Lounge

Whether you want to seat the whole extended family or only have a limited amount of space on your apartment balcony, there are endless possibilities with modular lounges!

Modular lounges are reconfigurable, which gives you the freedom to change your furniture layout whenever you want. All pieces are separate which makes them multipurpose. Ottomans can be used as a chaise when you feel like stretching out, but also can be moved from place to place when needed.

Purchasing a modular lounge also gives you the flexibility to buy new pieces if you require a larger setting later down the track.


2. Choose Items with Built in storage

Functional furniture pieces which can be also used as storage are a great idea for areas with limited space. Combining coffee tables with storage is a great way to save space and store away items like outdoor cushions when they are not in use.

3. Pick a dining setting which is right for your space

If you are low on space consider a compact dining setting which gives you the ability to entertain in style and then be tucked away when not in use.

Bench settings are a great option for narrow spaces as they are generally a slimline design with benches which can easily be tucked under the table.

Extension tables are extremely versatile choice, as they can easily be converted from a smaller table to a much larger one an the click of your fingers. This is a great practical solution for those who are limited on space but love to entertain.

4. Pick Neutral Tones

Pick furniture pieces in neutral tones such as black, grey, beige and timber.  These tones will work well with a variety of design styles and environments. Accessories can easily updated with the change of the season or whenever you feel like you need a little refresh. Neutral items are also great because they can open a space and make it look larger.

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